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Workforce of the Future

The purpose for the Workforce of the Future (CoE) is to deliver strategies, frameworks and initiatives that drive a human-centric approach to digital transformation, including HCM Culture best practices, connected frontline worker initiatives along with learning, training and skills transformation strategies.

Workforce of the Future


At DMI, we recognise that the journey towards human-centric manufacturing is not just about implementing new processes; it's about cultivating a mindset that places equal emphasis on the technological and human aspects of production.

Workforce of the Future

Digital manufacturing enterprises have primarily taken a technology-centric focus for digital transformation. Yet, technology alone will not suffice if manufacturing enterprises are to fully realise the true promise of digital technology.

Workforce of the Future CoE will endeavour to solve industry problems with people solutions that are replicable, easily accessible, and easily deployed. Manufacturing companies will be able to have access to expertise, knowledge, and colleges for short exploratory initiatives. It will inform targeted supports and solutions that the Irish government and its agencies, centres, and partners can deliver in the future.

Through industry led collaboration and initiatives we aim to equip manufacturers with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing while nurturing a workforce that thrives in the face of change.

Industry Collaboration

• Specialised Focus: Focused exclusively on people enablement in the manufacturing domain.

• Industry Driven: Led by manufacturing companies, ensuring long term tangible benefits to manufacturing ecosystem.

• Standardised Solutions: Targeting common challenges, delivering standards and sustainable solutions.

• Membership: No Membership fees to join, members are expected to actively contribute to the goals of the CoE.


The CoE of the Workforce of the Future is founded on the themes and findings of the HCM study undertaken in partnership with MIT and IAAE, and the 11 industry research participants.

The CoE will operate through a number of thematic industry led collaboration groups, that will identify shared challenges. DMI will support development of innovative solutions that participant industries will then use to achieve real-world improvements in their operations and manufacturing performance.

View the full Human-Centric Manufacturing (HCM) Culture Report here

View the HCM research study video here

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DMI study explores a human-centric approach to digital manufacturing

Jul 19, 2023
DMI in partnership with the Sociotechnical Systems Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the International Academy of Automation Engineering (IAAE) is undertaking a research study on human centric manufacturing culture.


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