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Digital Assets

A unique technology stack with an end‑to‑end digital factory

DMI matches its digital capabilities and expertise with a suite of physical and digital assets, including the digital factory, digital twin, digital transformation space, digital manufacturing suite and the external interface layer. These combined resources offer partners and clients the capabilities and digital transformation environment critical to manufacturing transformation success.

3D Factory Floor

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Digital Assets

Digital Factory

The digital factory is the physical production environment with its control layer, connection to the data layer and digital twin. This allows us to collaborate with clients and see the impact and benefit of digital transformation in physical production environments. Using data testing to inform processes of ideation.

Digital twin

The digital twin is a model-based representation of a physical production environment, a physical product and a real supply chain. Our digital twin allows us to demonstrate the value of working in a virtual world in tandem with physical assets.

Digital Transformation Space

Visitors can explore the art of the possible in advanced manufacturing through local and international case studies, technology exemplars and user stories: manufacturers speaking about how they have transformed their operations and the impact that it has had on their business.

Digital MAnufacturing Suite

The world of digital manufacturing can be further explored here where the world’s leading technology innovators have partnered with DMI to make fully functional and integrated digital tools available to visitors.

The suite will focus on transformation across the full value chain from digital product and production design to virtual reality maintenance, training and cyber security. Here visitors can see how the adoption of innovative manufacturing technologies can help their organisation prepare for the future.

External Interface Layer

The external interface layer allows DMI to share and interact with clients, partners, academia, other research organisations and manufacturing experts.

Here we publish live data models and virtual interfaces to allow participants to interact with our physical and digital assets, where they can test our datasets.