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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategy

How and Why?

Organisations that work toward an end-to-end transformation strategy are best placed to achieve the sort of digital transformation that has a major impact on competitiveness and performance.

Our industry experts will analyse your organisation and build a customised digital transformation strategy, one that allows you to accelerate your adoption of the latest digital technologies successfully.


DMI provides the framework, tools and expertise to support organisations to make their digital step-change and build an enterprise transformation strategy. This strategy delivers across three key elements – technology, human-centric manufacturing, and manufacturing supply chain.

Our research has shown:

  • Many companies do not have a clear roadmap or strategy in place for digital transformation.
  • More emphasis and efforts are put on the product development roadmap instead.
  • A lot of organisations can not afford to allocate the required resources to create a transformation strategy.
  • There are cultural barriers to embracing change, a reluctance to embrace new skills, and an aversion to risk-taking.

We have a dedicated transformation team made up of industry specialists with deep manufacturing experience. The team spans over one hundred years of experience. DMI offers an impartial and unbiased view, supported by IDA Ireland, to assist your organisation in its digital transformation journey.

Impact and Results

If you are looking to move your manufacturing to a higher level of digitalisation and adopt the latest technology to drive future competitiveness, DMI can help you to understand what is currently available, and what is suitable for you to implement right now.

Below you can see the key characteristics and advantages of what a customised digital transformation strategy can do for your organisation.

Key Results

  • Avoid the time and financial risk of implementing unsuitable digital technologies in your organisation.
  • Limiting your financial exposure by identifying the correct technologies.
  • Make sure your team is ready to embrace the step-change that is coming their way.
  • Faster completion time with a dedicated team at DMI.
  • Develop gainful insights from your data to drive business decisions.
  • Improved data literacy throughout your organisation through Business Intelligence workshops.

Key Impacts

  • A personalised road map to implement modifications to your business operations.
  • A strategy created and led by a team of highly qualified industry leaders, delivering best-in-class digital transformation.
  • Undertake your digital transformation journey as smoothly as possible.
  • DMI has a dedicated team of experienced in-house data scientists.
  • The transition of your workforce into one that embraces transformative strategic change.


Next Steps

If you are interested in building a transformation strategy for your organisation, why not get in touch with our team and start discussions on what can be achieved? Speak directly with one of our collaboration managers by completing this short form.


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