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Innovative Technology Adoption

Innovative Technology Adoption

How and Why?

Organisations that want to achieve world-class levels of automation and productivity in manufacturing need to implement and adopt state-of-the-future technology.

DMI has a team of industry experts that have the capabilities and experience to help organisations to successfully adopt the latest innovative technology.


DMI enables state-of-the-art and state-of-the-future technology adoption, we take novel technologies, and both show and test how these integrate into the existing manufacturing footprint or greenfield site for big and small companies.

Our research has shown:

  • The up-front investment cost associated with the adoption of new technology was highlighted as a primary barrier.
  • Being able to quantify the benefits of adoption and return on investment was identified as a significant barrier. This was especially the case for non-automation-related activities such as data capture and analytics.
  • The inability to test and scale new technologies and process steps quickly in a ‘safe’ environment was seen as a key obstacle.

DMI directly supports companies to effectively adapt (and integrate) to appropriate levels of advanced technologies, using our facilities as a test bed for new digital technologies, validating successful adoption.

DMI also has a dedicated team of data scientists, to take you through all aspects of your data requirements e.g. data modelling, data visualisation, machine learning, digital twin, and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

Impact and Results

If you want to adopt new digital technologies in your organisation to increase productivity and streamline operations, DMI can enable you to make this step-change a success through our dedicated team of experts.

Our team will show you how the technology will impact your business through testing and scaling and validating the technology that will best enhance your organisation. Below you can see the characteristics and advantages of innovative technology adoption.

Key Results

  • Enable state-of-the-art and state-of-the-future technology adoption in your organisation.
  • Limit your financial exposure by testing and validating new digital technologies at DMI.
  • Develop gainful insights from your data to quantify a return on investment and the benefits of adoption.
  • Faster technology adoption time through a dedicated and responsive team at DMI.

Key Impacts

  • Innovative technology adoption guided by a team of experienced industry leaders.
  • DMI has a dedicated team of industry proven in-house data scientists.
  • Use of the DMI facilities and capabilities to test and scale new technologies.
  • Undertake your digital technology adoption process as efficiently as possible.


Next Steps

If you are interested in innovative technology adoption for your organisation, why not get in touch with our team and start discussions on what can be achieved? Speak directly with one of our collaboration managers by completing this short form.


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