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Operations Readiness

How and Why?

Organisations that are deploying new digital technologies need to ensure the business is ready to make a seamless and successful transition.

The team at DMI can assess your operations readiness, to verify if the proposed change will suit your current operating environment, and subsequently if the change achieved its initial objectives.


DMI supports the successful deployment of new technology across the enterprise to ensure no business disruption while enabling a successful transformation.  

Our research has shown:

  • That a common barrier to implementing new digital technologies is the associated risk of a decrease in production output which could impact the organisation.
  • A common challenge is not having the necessary resources required to evaluate and dedicate the time to deploying new digital technology.
  • There is often an inability in manufacturing environments to test and scale new technologies and process steps quickly in a ‘safe’ environment.
  • The up-front investment cost associated with the adoption of new technology was highlighted as a primary barrier.

We have the capacity and capability to deploy the proposed solution in a test-bed environment without impacting your day-to-day operations. Our physical digital factory can be set up to test your solutions in a real-world scenario, de-risking and avoiding loss of capacity in your operations and valuable resources.

Impact and Results

If you are looking to ensure that your manufacturing operations are ready for the digital technology transition your organisation wishes to make, DMI can support you in assessing, testing and verifying the technology for deployment. Below you can see the characteristics and advantages of our operations readiness service for your organisation.

Key Results

  • No loss of production output while making a successful transition to improving operations.
  • Drastically reduce the time risk and financial cost of implementing new digital technologies in your organisation.
  • Limit your financial exposure by testing and verifying digital technologies that fit your operations process.
  • Develop gainful insights from your data to drive business decisions.
  • Faster project completion time with a dedicated team at DMI.

Key Impacts

  • A full assessment of your current operations, including a risk assessment report, pre-assessment of success factors, and an implementation checklist.
  • All the above will be used to create an overall implementation plan to successfully navigate your digital improvement journey.
  • Use of the DMI facility as a safe environment to test new digital technologies.
  • DMI has a dedicated team of experienced in-house data scientists.
  • The project will be led by a team of highly qualified industry leaders, who have extensive manufacturing experience.


Next Steps

If you are interested in assessing operations readiness for your organisation, why not get in touch with our team and start discussions about what can be achieved? Speak directly with one of our collaboration managers by completing this short form.


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