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Industry 5.0 Lighthouse Network

The primary purpose of the Industry 5.0 Lighthouse Network (I5.0LN) is to identify solutions to common challenges through a unique collaborative industry-led group process. The deployment of digital technologies to deliver transformation improvement in the operations of I5.0LN member organisations is a core objective.

Industry 5.0 Lighthouse Network


The delivery of these collaborative solutions showcases the Irish operations as exemplar lighthouse sites globally, informing and guiding other sites within these organisations in the deployment of Industry 5.0 technologies.

Industry 5.0 Lighthouse Network

The I5.0LN shall endeavour to derive, foster, and promote effective collaboration between academia, industry, and technology companies. It will offer a space to solve industry problems with technical solutions that are replicable, easily accessible, and deployed where manufacturing companies will be able to have access to expertise and knowledge for short explanatory initiatives.

The scope of the I5.0LN will be manufacturing companies with an initial focus on Pharma (large and small molecule), MedTech and supply chain (Pharma) supported by technology companies.

To ensure the purpose of the collaborative group is fulfilled, a charter will be created for the participants setting out a clear set of objectives, the desired direction and the governance required to achieve this. The charter will also consider success which will be defined through demonstrating wins and ensuring team members can contribute both effectively and benefit from participation.  


The mission of the I5.0LN is to become a global leader, driving state-of-the-art digital solutions for automated operations, and supporting production readiness and end-to-end solutions in manufacturing and new product development.

The I5.0LN aspires for international recognition for the deployment of digital technologies for advanced manufacturing – enhancing Ireland's reputation as a global manufacturing destination. The network aims to help increase Ireland’s competitiveness by automation (in line with lean principles), decreasing the cost (per part) of production, and driving the digitisation of operations while increasing growth in the following areas: turnover, production throughout, jobs and reputation.

The I5.0LN will focus on attracting funding and investment that promotes collaborative research into areas that prepare Ireland for the future of manufacturing, including accessing, adopting and accelerating the use of new digital technologies.

Trust, commitment, transparency and confidentiality will be the core values maintained by the I5.0LN, alongside adherence to collectively agreed timescales, both within the group and the wider community. The I5.0LN will adopt a “knowledge is for sharing policy” whereby all companies interested in the activities of the I5.0LN, feel welcome to participate in some way in advancing its mission.

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